I am honored that SCARS was quoted in an article on self-harm in Psychology Today

I am honored that SCARS was quoted at the end of article “The Secret World of Self-Injury” by Kristen Fuller, M.D., in Psychology Today.

The article has many good tips for parents, including educating themselves, and that is where some of the most common underlying reasons for self-harm are mentioned, including trauma and neglect.

I wish it’d also mentioned that trauma & abuse is one of the biggest root causes, as well as other reasons for self-harm: stopping emotional pain; shutting down trauma/abuse memories; silencing oneself; punishing oneself; and to keep from killing oneself. But it is a great piece!
It covers so much for a mainstream article, and I am really impressed by the info, care, & thought that the author Kristen Fuller put into the article. Thank you Kristen and Psychology Today!


The article is okay. I wish it addressed more of the reasons teens self-harm, but it’s pretty good for a mainstream article.

Cheryl Rainfield

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