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Reasons Not To Kill Yourself

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SCARS Bonus Postcard Story

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SCARS Teaching & Discussion Guide

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Tips On Dealing With Self-Harm

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Self-Harm Is NOT Trendy

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SCARS book trailer:

Cheryl Rainfield on SCARS being challenged & the need for “dark” books. Banned Books.

Watch my It Gets Better video–for LGBTQ youth, and anyone thinking of suicide.

Cheryl Rainfield on Banned Books:

The Sadness Of Banned Books:

A poem by Cheryl Rainfield

Cheryl Rainfield, author of YA novel Scars on self-harm, sexual abuse, & being queer, interviewed on DayTime Toronto Sept 09, 2010.


10 Ways To Improve Your Body Image And Feel Better About Your Body

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Girls Are Strong! (And Boys Are, Too.) 17 Ways To Be Strong

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10 Self-Defense Tips For Girls and Women (And Boys, Too)

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My author video on the healing power of books, and STAINED:

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HUNTED Bonus Material

Para Survival Guide

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ParaWatch Guide

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HUNTED Newspaper Article

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HUNTED Postcard Story

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Teen Para: A HUNTED Bonus Comic Strip

Teen Para Comic Strip

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HUNTED Teacher’s Guide

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Cheryl Rainfield: My Inspiration For HUNTED

My Positive Messages For You

In case you need to hear it: I am proud of you

My positive message for you: You do not deserve to be hurt, not ever

In case you need to hear it: I believe in you

You deserve to treat yourself the way you treat a friend

If you have a dream, I hope you follow it and don’t give up

My Positive-Message Art For You