Claire is mostly human, but she has some Skinwalker blood in her–the ability to change from human to animal form. One day when Claire and her cousin Kelsey are hunting, Kelsey shoots a deer Skinwalker, and Claire and Kelsey are both captured by Skinwalkers seeking revenge. But when angry villagers attack the Skinwalker camp, Claire has to make a difficult choice – to betray her human kind or to stand beside the gentle Skinwalkers she knows. Whose side is she really on? And can she make peace between both worlds?

WALKING BOTH SIDES is written for reluctant readers, but it can also be a fast, easy read for advanced and mature readers. The SKINWALKERS series from HIP Books are high-action fantasy novels written at a grade-3 reading level for reluctant readers in grades 5-10.

The series feature teenage characters and high-action stories, but with fantasy plots involving skinwalkers who can change from human to animal form. For all the kids who carry around Harry Potter as a book prop, now there are fantasy novels that will bring them reading success.

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WALKING BOTH SIDES is one book in the series of three, but each can be read individually. For a limited time, HIP Books is offering a free teacher’s guide if you buy the Skinwalkers Fantasy Pack.


I’ve always loved fantasy and the idea of changing shape between human and animal, creating a bond and understanding of another species. Fantasy was my escape during abuse and torture I survived. I wanted to show how hatred and fear causes oppression, and how compassion can help overcome that – in an appealing fantasy setting. And I wanted to write a strong-girl character. So I tied them all together into the story that became WALKING BOTH SIDES.

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Claire’s stomach tightened in hunger. She held her bow and arrow ready to bring down some game. But it had been a hard winter. There still weren’t many animals about.

It was spring. The forest should be full of rabbits and squirrels, but the forest felt empty. Claire had never seen it like this before. Her grandfather said he’d seen harder winters, but Claire didn’t remember one. Never had they been so hungry.

Claire looked at her cousin, Kelsey, beside her. Kelsey looked thinner than usual, the bones in his face standing out. He’d grown a lot this past winter. Kelsey was always hungry. As hungry as Claire was.

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