A queer psychic suspense by the author of SCARS.

Kate sees visions that could save others—but doing so could kill her.

Queer teen Kate sees psychic visions of the future and the past—but only when she’s having an asthma attack. Kate’s crushing on Desi, who takes her breath away—in a good way. When Kate “sees” her sister being beaten and Desi’s sister attempt suicide, she needs more visions to save them—but triggering her asthma could kill her. Kate’s tried to warn others before, and no one’s ever believed her. But this time might be different, because Desi and their family believe her. Can the two teens work together to save their sisters—and keep Kate alive?

Visions is a fast-paced, gripping tale of courage, love, and healing.

Find out why School Library Journal said about Cheryl Rainfield’s work “[readers] will be on the edge of their seats” VOYA said they write with “great empathy and compassion,” and CM Magazine said their work “can, perhaps, save a life.”

Releases Aug 26, 2024

Why I Wrote Visions

In a world where there is increasing queerphobia and transphobia, I think it is so important to be visible, to have positive queer representation. My main characters in Visions are lesbian and nonbinary lesbian; I don’t think there are enough queer books out there, and especially not enough with lesbian and nonbinary lesbian characters. We all need to know that we’re not alone, and to have our experiences reflected back to us. As a nonbinary lesbian, this is especially important to me.

I also wrote from a place of understanding trauma and the effects of trauma, including mental health issues. I’m an abuse and trauma survivor with resulting mental health issues.

There’s also a thread of loving books in Visions, and banned books, which I especially care about; my book SCARS has been banned so many times by extremists, even though it has saved lives. Books can make such a healing difference, and we should all have the freedom to read.

There are strong girl and nonbinary characters in Visions, trauma and healing, and, as with every book I write, hope.


“With an unapologetically queer narrative, Rainfield’s Visions is a fast-paced adventure that will keep readers turning pages.”

Paul Coccia, author of Cub, I Got You Babe, and The Player.

Author Note

This novel has strong queer and nonbinary teen characters with paranormal powers who fight to save others, heal, and love. They also face various forms of trauma—domestic abuse, rape, queerphobia, and generational trauma—the way many teens do today, and the way I did myself; our society is white supremist, misogynist, and queerphobic. But I believe there is hope and strength in our healing and working together, the way my characters do.

My books are my voice, and my way to encourage healing. I believe when we talk about trauma and abuse, and our healing from it, it can help others heal and find their voices, and encourage greater empathy for both themselves and for others. I’m a nonbinary lesbian and cult torture and rape survivor who’s had asthma but not as badly as the main character. I’ve drawn on some of these experiences as well as my healing, inner strength, and hope for a better world. If you need to put the book down, you can always come back to it when you’re ready. If you need support, please check out the resources on my website.

I hope you feel seen in this book, and that you see your own strength and healing. Take good, gentle care of yourself.

Content Note

I know how important it can be to know potentially triggering content before you read a book.

Please be aware: This book contains content that some people may find triggering, including: partner abuse; mention of rape; attempted murder; attempted suicide; queerphobia; cyber bullying; and asthma.