How to Stop Self-Harming

By Cheryl Rainfield, 2011

  • Love yourself, even just a little. Enough to know that you don’t deserve to be hurt;
  • Really take in love, kindness, and compassion from others;
  • Talk to someone safe about your self-harm;
  • Figure out what sets off your self-harm, and what you felt before you hurt yourself;
  • Get out the emotion in safe ways—art, dance, music, writing, sports;
  • Distract yourself, and find alternatives to hurting yourself—even if it’s only for five minutes at a time, and then five minutes more.
  • Realize that stopping self-harm is a process. Every time you’ve put it off a little longer, you’ve done well;
  • Know that you do NOT deserve to be hurt, not ever–not even by yourself.

Written by Cheryl Rainfield, author of Scars, a teen novel about a girl who self-harms to cope with abuse.

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©Cheryl Rainfield, 2011

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